About Polliebricks

Hi all! <BR>
Thank you for reading my ME page!<BR>
My father and brothers and I (1954-1985) are enormous fans of LEGO, which is the main reason we started the shop.<BR> So we could buy more LEGO!<BR>
Our biggest interest is in Pirates and (Classic) Castle themes, but we also like many of the other themes.<BR>
We also collect the City, Train, (Classic) Space, Star Wars and Indiana Jones themes <BR>
As I said, HUGE! Lego fans here.<BR>

Here you can see the sets we currently own:<A HREF="http://www.brickset.com/search/?OwnedBy=pollie1213"> My Sets</A>
<B>Regarding our shop:</B><BR>
We sell all kinds of parts that we do not immediately need for our own projects.<BR>
As said before, the shop functions to build capital to buy more Lego.<BR>

I am always willing to consider offers for sets, if the offer is reasonable I might just agree with it! ;-) <BR><BR>
I am also willing to trade for parts or sets.(details to be discussed per case)
<BR> Look at my wanted list to see if you have any <A HREF="http://www.brickset.com/search/?WantedBy=pollie1213"> sets</A><x> or <A HREF="http://brickset.com/minifigs/wantedby-pollie1213">minifigs</A> that I want.</B>  
<B>If you want to make an offer or suggest a trade, do not hesitate to contact me.</B><BR>

Kind regards,<BR>

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